The Walk 'n Code Pair Station

Perfect for Pair Programming

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  • Two 2.25HP Treadmills
  • Quiet Run Motor
  • Digital Display with Touchpad
  • Easy 3-Position Manual Incline (1.5%, 4.5% and 7%)
  • Easy Access Treadmill Display Controls
  • Electric Height Adjustable Leg System (24" Range)
  • Computer / Monitor not included


  • Desk Dimensions: 67" x 28"
  • Treadmill depth: 68"
  • Treadmill width: 16"

See it in Action


By Micah on Thursday, May 19, 2011:

Cruising at 1 - 1.5 mph, I easily walk over 5 miles by the end of the work day. The treadmill is quiet and the desk is sturdy. One might think that it's hard to code while walking, but when you're engaged in the code, you forget your legs are moving. And the control are at your finger tips incase you need stop, or go faster!

By Colin on Thursday, May 19, 2011:

It was kind of hard for me to get used to standing up (not to mention walking) when I code, but it's feeling relatively normal now. After a few days, it's obvious that I'm in better shape - for example, walking across the city is much easier. And strangely enough, I find myself less drawn to pig out on junk food when I get home after a day of walking.

One thing I really appreciate about the desk itself is the easily-adjustable height. The tallest guy at the office is probably a foot taller than me, so it's awesome to be able to change the desk to my height in a few seconds with a button push, after he's been using it.

By skim on Friday, May 20, 2011:

I love this pairing station. It gives me joy whenever I step on the treadmill because it helps me write effective code with my pair while burning off calories! I'm sure you've read horror stories about the deadly act of sitting. Well, this is your opportunity to live longer and stay stronger and have fun coding!

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